Standard Operating Procedure for Management

What is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?
SOP is a written document about the job or task should be performed, containing instruction on how to perform task. The guidelines more towards company's quality system. SOP very important to make company produce high quality products or services. The SOP must be placed in a location that easily to be accessible by employees. The benefits of SOP is to make sure the company give good quality products or services in good manner. SOP doesn't communicate to employees but it just guidelines or rules to be follow by employees.

Well written SOP provide direction, improve communication, reduce training time & improve work consistency. Two factors determine what type of SOP to use. First, how many decisions will the user need to make during the procedure? Second, how many steps and substeps are in the procedure? Routine procedures that are short and require few decisions can be written using the simple steps format. Long procedures consisting of more than ten steps, with few decisions, should be written in hierarchical steps format or in a graphic format. Procedures that require many decisions should be written in the form of a flowchart

How to write it? It must follow the step to make sure it properly followed by employees. To know the steps please click here..

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