How to get better Sleep

Sleep is a normal part of life. Some people try to get by with as little as possible, packing their days and nights with activities, chores, work and play. Sleep is important to health and to best possible performance every day.

Trying to keep up with today's fast paced world is becoming impossible and people are left with littele time to get the rest they need and/or when they close eyes, it is not quality of rest needed to maintain good health, judgment, energy and functioning.

It's been said that people can live longer without food than they can without resting. A basic need of human body, close eyes is also a basic need of human body, resting is also a basic need of human mind.
Slumber is a time where the brain can recharge. During, the brain shuts down and repairs neurons and exercises synapses that may slowly break down and weaken with lack of activity. This could be a time for fine change the synaptic connections that get stronger, weaken, break and reform.

To get better sleep :
Drink milk before you to sleep. Warm milk will help you to make you sleepy.
Turn off the light before go to bed. Light make you warm and when you wake up you stay tired.
Exercise, simple exercise will help you tired and sleepy enough to get better sleep.

These 3 tips will make you get better rest and have enough energy for your day. You must avoid stay up late night since it will causes a person's mood to be less positive.

If sleeplessness becomes chronic, the consequences become more severe. When experiencing chronic loss over a period of time it will seriously diminish one's ability to perform work on the job, or at home.
Sluggishness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, slower reactions to the things and general depression will begin to take over.When you are feeling down and stressed out, give yourself a rest to restore the body through its natural sleep cycle.

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