Dieting the Right Ways

If you have trouble sticking to a diet, it may be because you like most people underestimate the amount you eat. The researcher says writing down what you eat each day can help you lose weight.
Although this method is not clinically proven, experts agree that keeping a diary heightens awareness of your food intake, the first step to changing your eating habits.

From your diary you can identify your problems areas, such as an addiction to soft drinks or fatty foods. You must highlight the bad food so that you will remember what not to include in your next meal.

3 tips you must aware in your diary :
Estimate the energy content of everything you eat with kilojoule counter or the nutritional label on the packaging.
Weigh yourself every two weeks and keep a page in your diary where you can monitor your weight. I suggest you to take note in excel, it more nice.
Review your diary before going bed.

I would like to tell my story life, I always  beware of my own weight.My mum had diabetes so maybe I also will get diabetes. The researcher also mansion that if we don't drink our mother milk. The possible get diabetes is high.
For your information, I asked my mum about my childhood. My mum said that I don't ever drink my mum milk. Oh, it getting worst because my weight always gained since 18years old. Now, my weight always between 65-70kg.

I really concern about  my weight now. I don't want get diabetes too early. So,I 'm now try to get much info about step to be slimming in healthy ways. In Indonesia as I search it more toward eat spices or hot foods. In research said that, spices can burn calories while we ate. Its good info,right.
So, I conclude that dieting is important and it must in right ways. you must not skip your breakfast. Breakfast is important for you to get boost your energy for your body. Breakfast also will mantain your metabolism energy.

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