Click make you ignorance!

What is click?
Click is a group of peoples who have same interest. Click very popular among children. Children always have this problem while making friends. If they are very quite and shy person will be ignore by Click. This problem will build a bad attitude to children who in developing process. It will reduce self confident to that children.
Peoples in click always try to make their group popular. So, they will ignore few people who do not match with them. It will make other people feel outcast.

Not all group is click. Click is where their group try to avoid people to close with them. They will try to hurt them by scold. They also will make gossip that insult people who they don't like.
Both girl and boy will create click. Most boys create click who have same interest in playing game. They don't like boy who cannot play and always cry or too soft. The research show click from girls more harsh and cannot be tolerate.

If you someone who out from click will more suffer, always hurt feeling because being ignore. Its like you being dumped by people you love. Broken heart is not same with falling from the tree.

How you can do about click?
Click is something that from bad attitude if your click try to ignore you own friends. If you get ignore from those click, you must tell to adult. Mostly teacher or parents will helps their children by playing together to make them happy and build back friendship among them.

We can be popular if we talk to peoples honest, respect and nice. Try to make new friends. If you being ignore from click, try to pay attention to others friends. Try making friends who doesn't have click.
Try making friends not only in school but outside from school. Popular children is who talkative person and generous with others friends. Try your best to be good in making friendship and make them like you. Finds more friends and get communicate with them, so you can get more friends will always make you happy.
Being honest in friendship will make them appreciate you. You can be more popular. Honest is the best attitude in making more friends. You also must build up communication skill, used nice word while talking with them.

If you try to give advice make sure you give them best example. From that they will respect you more. Try not to gossip other friends, this will make they do not trust you. Try making the best attitude to make people respect you.

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