Used Legal Picture for Your Blogs

Today I like to share something about website that I found last night. As we all know, to make our blog or our post beautiful we must used picture. Picture will make your post interesting. This is the best ways to attract peoples to read your blogs.

It also will help you when you used "linkwithin". Linkwithin is the widget that automatically review your other post which relates to that post. Linkwithin will more interesting when it has picture to your post. For me, I will more attract with picture rare than words.

So, you must used your own picture or take other people's picture to used it for your blog. Not all picture is legal right? And not all picture give good view and size that you need. So, I suggest you to used any picture or image at this website.

Stock.xchng is the best website that give you tons of image or picture that you can used it for your blog. It cost nothing. You just sign up and wallah free to go. Search the picture you really need to add up for your post.

p/s: any comments about other website that give you free image.

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