Sweet Leaf Stevia as Sugar Substitute

Have you heard about Stevia? Do you know what is Stevia? I assume you don't know what is Stevia? Lets we open dictionary and find the meaning behind Stevia. Stevia is named of plant and it also a sweetener extracted from the leaves of the plant. It from North America to South America. People also called it as sweetleaf, sugar leaf and stevia.

Stevia as sweetener and substitute sugar. Sweet leaf stevia can be produce as form stevia powder or stevia liquid. In Malaysia, stevia sugar generally in stevia liquid. It produce cordial juice and substitute sugar to stevia liquid. Only one company that produce cordial juice which used natural sweetener is stevia liquid, the tagline for that company is "manis tanpa gula". Yes, I have drank it yesterday and it doesn't  taste sweet as sugar. It sweet and taste different, for me I really can't accept it. Maybe the flavour is not fresh from original plants. But you must try it yourself and make a difference.

The benefits of stevia sweetener :
- 300times more sweet than sugar
- natural sweetener
- bring down blood sugar
- ease urinate
- reduce high blood pressure
- kill bacteria
- kill fungus
- reduce body weight
- increase stamina

The stevia side effects :
- decrease weight of testis
- male infertility
but when used large dose.

As conclusion, stevia is very good as dietary supplement to substitute sugar. Try it yourself and you will feel difference, why don't you change your dietary plan. Used extract stevia as sugar substitute.

p/s : you can try malaysia product juice cordial here.
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