How to improve Your blog ranks

Ok let continues with others email that i received. I hopes it will benefits to you. This post relates to status of your blogs. Shows how well traffics that you receives will relates to search engine ranking. Which means, do you have your own readers?. Are they  will continue to read your entry?. If your blogs well known by your owns readers so it equal to higher Google page rank. Simple equation MORE READERS+TRAFFICS = HIGH PAGE RANK.
Page rank is very important because to make sure your blog in first page when people searching related keywords with your blog. More traffic will you get. Ok continue steps to make high page rank :

- you must make sure your blog is your own domain. Get your own blog.
- learn little bit about SEO at popular forum, ask experts about SEO at that forum. To search type (SEO+forum)
- Make continues article and bombastic title, search any website or blog similar to your title and make good comments.
- Try to make comments in blogs that have higher ranks.
- Submit your articles that include your blog link to ezine articles or any website that popular in submit articles.

These steps are really good to implements but for me I stay could not implements since I really weak in making great articles and I don't have enough money and not enough knowledge about domain and hosting.

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