10 tips Increasing blog traffic by Yaro Starak

Welcome back, and thanks for your continuous and passion reading my blog post. Even the entry is not new but I would like to give my simple ways to let you understands. I like to read others website tips because it will give me more input, sometimes that tips was 3 years back. But still we can used it because we must follow the master. What i means is, to be good blogger we must follow what master do. Continue to 10 Great Blog Traffic tips.

Ok, lets we continues what are the 10 tips as said by Yaro Starak. But I added new things from my reviews.

1- Write more pillar articles. Whats is pillar articles? Pillar articles means articles that people would sticks to your articles since it give relevance tips in continuously. It new for me since I newbie but still the best ways to get more traffic from pillar articles. For example, you have your own ideas about what you want to share with readers.This ideas must be the latest and useful tips and people would search that keywords every years. It must unique idea and you would be proud because people would stay to read your articles.

2-Submit your articles to Ezinearticles.com. The ideas to submit your articles is to make hundreds people would read your articles where its not from your website. But you must includes your link to that articles. Unfortunately, it would not boost your traffic immediately. Other ways, I want suggest you to create your own video and post it at Youtube.com. You can create your own video or just other humor video and put your blogs url. For your information, I have not done yet to post any video. Because I still don't have time to do it.

3-Submit your blogs to blogtopsites.com. Ok continue, for me submit your blogs to this website give you not really good traffics because sometimes people not update their stuff. Not many people knows this site. But you can try to variety your traffics. Other ways, you can use facebook.com to post your blog link where its relates to your post. You also can use social bookmarking like digg.com. Maybe you can use also twitter.com to update your entry.

4-Submit your blog post to blogcarnival.com. A blog carnival is the huge summarize collection post from others blogs. It always update their site and it looks really simple and will helps readers to find their articles that relates with what they needs. It includes new post every day post by the community of blogger. So, why just you try it up and sit back to always post new entry. Again, you must give attention to your pillar articles. Submit yours pillar articles.

5- Encourage comments on your own blog. Why it important to make people to comments? This ideas would make readers perception towards your articles is valuable. You also will know that you have your own loyal readers. How to make readers comments? simple you just ask backs the readers about your articles. But I still not have comments in my other blogs.(silly mistake)

6-Trackback and  link to others blogs in your blog posts. This also like comments but in another methods. You post articles which include link to other blog. You use it as reference to your post. Like what I'm doing know. I get the ideas from other site and I post my entry include with my opinion and link to the origin sites.It like you summarize others blog and telling someone's that you use their entry in your blogs.

7-Start commenting other blogs. Once you have pillar articles and always update your entry you can start to comments other blog which similar to your niche keywords. For example, you write about affiliates, so now find blogs or forums that discuss about that. You must comments with intelligent idea that helps readers will come to yours blog. You must passion doing comments and give more to many blogs.You also can try comments to blogs that used comluv.com, because when you comments it automatically  post your latest post in your blogs.
before you comments to blogs that include commentluv to their comments.
After you comments it look like this. Other ways will save your time by making great comments to make them visit your site.

8-Use a proper domain name. If you serious in blogging, you must try to put simple name that will make readers can remember it. It also will help them to explain to their friends while they talk about your blogs. Its called offline traffic. Since your post is good, it will generate more traffic while you offline. You also must use .com as the extension. It must small easy and have niche keywords.

9-Write one new blog post per day minimum. To be good enough blogs,
  • finds good niche keywords and you like about it
  • try to make 5-10 articles from your niche keywords, use keywords tool to help you find ideas, you also can visit website that relates to your keywords and try to summarize their articles.
  • try to make 5 at least pillar articles.
  • always update daily your article,at same time.
10-Write at least 5 major pillar articles. Last tips, you must try to write this pillar articles with good size font,color if you used,picture to be add to make you readers understands. Pillar articles must include, explanation of your title, the example, advantages or my be you put your opinion. You must make research to all website that same as your title, so you can put your article unique.

As conclusion, I'm not promise that these tips will generate boost traffic to your blogs but as long as you passion to write great pillar articles in your styles which make you different with others.

Teh C Special
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