7 ways to be good blogger

In my opinion about attitude of being a blogger should be consider as important since it could give effects in our blog traffic. In my other post I have mention about comments to other blog. Leaving your comments make them to visit your blogs. If your comments give valuable info so, readers will find you. What are the 7 ways?

1-Always appreciate your readers. What its mean? Since you are the creator of your blogs, you must open any comments that will give your readers space to ask what they needs. You must answer it, and give support to your readers. So, it will helps you and your readers two ways communication.

2-Do not copy people works. Today many people who doesn't understand blogging will copy other articles and post it to their blogs. You must ask permission to post their articles or you can state you have take it from what sources. It will help you to be good blogger.

3-You must promote your blogs. To increase traffic you should make promotion about your blogs. When readers read your articles you have one step a head. More readers will give you guide how good you are in blogging. You must give comments to any forum that relates to your blogs. Try to make them freely to visit your blogs.

4-Always update your blog post. To be good blogger always update your post. Give your time to helps your readers who really needs your info. It also helps you always get more traffic to your blog post.

5-Your blogs should good navigate and suitable theme. Since I'm new I always blog walking to get fresh ideas for my personal blogs. It always give me heart attack(shock) because many of blogger used auto play for their favorite songs. Sometimes, the blogs heavy of widget which make people take time for loading. It will make your blogs decrease in traffic blog.

6-Give free stuff. If you like to reads others blogs, you will get more Ebook free, rite? This is the example of free stuff. You must try to give new stuff to your readers. The best ways is give Ebook. You can increase your blog readers.

7-Always increase your knowledge about blogging. To be good blogger you must passion and always update your blogging knowledge. You must take time to read articles about blogging.

7 ways to be good blogger is my opinions since I have reads many articles and experienced it while I blog walking. I hope you can put your ideas, comments or maybe your links to your blogs since I like reading..
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