How to Earn Money When Online?

Have you heard about making money while you online.Not many people know about that,i'm very like to share with you making money while,i hope you will follows as what I'm doing now. even though it not much but it will help you earn money.They are many ways to earn money.You can earn money by click the website and you wait for several minutes and you get paid.That simple right.Other than that, you earn money when you get paid to read email and making money when you survey.You just sign up free and get paid...but you must has paypal and alert pay account.OK..
I 'll show you step by step..

1. You must create account at Paypal or Alert pay
2. After that,you sign up free according to below:
3. You also can sign up here, you will get $5 after sign up free...its legit website SquishyCash. You also will get paid survey and also paid to clicks under this website.
4. You also can get money when people downloading your file or movie or video or songs or anything else regarding downloading. You must sign up free and start uploading your file and post your file at your blogs...see,it very easy and you get money. You can sign up HERE or Ziddu Website
5. All website I post is the legit website and make payment to their customer. I have make survey to all website and these are the best website that make payment. So, you don't have to worry. I will always update the legit website. And I hope you not to obsess and you waste your time at scam website.Please make sure you not do that.

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